Thank you for considering SouthWest Inspections AZ. The purpose of an inspection is to check the condition of the structure and the main components listed in the “Standards” section of the report and to determine its current condition. Latent and concealed defects and deficiencies are excluded from this inspection. Some inspections may have “Limited” scopes and in that case not all components will be observed.

The time frame for the inspection is usually 2-4 hours. When the Inspector arrives at the property all areas of the property should be accessible and unlocked or keys available to access locked areas. If the property is occupied it is best that the occupants leave during the inspection. After the "physical" inspection the Inspector sets up his computer and writes the report. After the report is completed and at a pre-arranged time the Buyer arrives and the Inspector gives the Buyer a short presentation where they view and discuss all of the pictures taken during the inspection. Often the Buyers Agent is present at the presentation.  

This is not a code inspection. This inspection is not meant to be technically exhaustive. It is to highlight and point out defects of the structure and main components and/or unsafe conditions. The Inspector is to “observe” items and will not take things apart or be obtrusive or destructive during the inspection process.

The Inspector is on property a few hours and checks for defects and items that are not working properly or are unsafe. When a home was built it is assumed it was built to code. Codes change and today's codes will be mentioned regarding safety concerns. The Inspector uses a detailed check list to complete his inspection and to conform to the “Standards” required by the BTR. He will mention cosmetic items as a courtesy to the client but his main concern is the structure and its components as listed in the “Standards” section and safety concerns.

If the property is occupied some components may not be accessible. The Inspector will observe items that are accessible with minimal disturbance to the occupants. If the roof is too high, steep, fragile, or dangerous conditions exist it will not be accessed. It will be viewed from the sides, through windows and with binoculars where accessible.

It should be expected by the client that after they take possession of the property they will find items that the Inspector did not find or mention. It should not be expected that the Inspector noticed every defect or flaw at the property in the amount of time he was there.

The report is written for and pertains only to the period of time the Inspector was on property. The condition of the property and its components pertaining to the report are valid for the time that the Inspector was on property. Due to the unknown past and future the report pertains only to the time frame the Inspector was physically on property and is obsolete when the Inspector leaves the property. The Inspector does not know the future, hence, future occurrences can not be predicted or commented on.

  Click Here   to view the Inspection Agreement and Standards of Practice to see what is and is not Inspected.