Here is the regular pricing for inspections. 

                                            If the building is:                                  the price is:

0-999 sqft $300.00
1000-1499 sqft $325.00
1500-1999 sqft $350.00
2000-2499 sqft $375.00
2500-2999 sqft $400.00
3000 sqft and up .14 sqft
stand alone building garage/storage $100.00
stand alone building with livable $150.00
Pool $75.00
Commercial buildings same as above


We will also do "limited scope" inspections where you tell us what you want inspected. We also do investigative inspections on items such as, excessive movement, excessive stucco cracks and interior stress cracks, roof condition, slab cracks and movement such as heaving and/or setteling and mechanical items such as A/C/Heating, electrical appliances and outlets, fixtures and panel and plumbing fixtures and visible water leaks.

If you are getting ready to sell your home we recommend an inspection so you have a chance to make any needed repairs that an Inspector might find so you can get the most value for your home or building.

Call for a quote on large buildings, multi unit appartments and commercial buildings or if you only want specific items inspected.

A termite inspection can be arranged if you need one and want it done at the same time the house is being inspected. This inspection will be preformed by Pest Control Solutions.

Just indicate on the order form if you want a termite inspection as well.

Check Pest Control Solutions out at .